Download FAST+MORE:

FAST+MORE V3.1 in the “Starter” License-Level can be used for up to 10 Fasteners (bolts, screws, rivets) completely FREE of charge.

For a higher License Level with full functionality, request a license file here.

Compare License Levels here.

tested for
ANSYS 2023 R1
(and older):

tested for
ANSYS 2022 R2
(and older):

tested for
ANSYS 2022 R1
(and older):

Installation and Licensing Instructions


Subject to the maximum extent permitted by law the software developer (7tech GmbH) excludes any liability for direct or indirect damages resulting from program errors or improper operation of the software. The software is purchased ‘as seen’, without guarantee that this software is suitable for a specific purpose. Do not use this software as the only tool for assessing parts and designs. You use the software at your own risk.

By downloading the software you accept this disclaimer.

Step by Step Tutorials:


This tutorial for Fast+More V3.0 contains step-by-step instructions and the corresponding Ansys model. The example includes only 6 bolts and can therefore be made with the FREE (demo) version of Fast+More.

Publications & Presentations:

Presentation at the NAFEMS World Congress 2021:  “Hundreds of Bolts simulated with just a few Clicks”: