SHARE+MORE is a service to easily share CAE simulation results with others in 3D-format


On Any Device

is compatible with all major devices


On Any Browser

works on all major browsers without any required plugins


With Many Datasources

3D-Datasources like ANSYS avz, VRML, wrl, stl, glb


SHARE+MORE is a service to make the results of CAE simulations generally accessible and shareable as 3D MODELS. Complex simulation results are much easier to understand when the observer can rotate and zoom in on a 3D model instead of just having static 2D images.



CEA simulations are performed by experts using specialized CAE software such as ANSYS. The results of the simulations are available as colored (and deformed) 3D models which give a very good impression of how the structure behaves under the physical boundary conditions.
In order to communicate these results to other participants in the development process, reports with many 2D images are usually created. To create 2D images that are meaningful and show all important aspects of the results is on the one hand time-consuming, on the other hand a part of the 3D information is always lost. A 3D image that can be rotated and zoomed always conveys a much better understanding of the complex model behavior. But currently, the 3D results can only be viewed in the CAE simulation software itself (which is only available to experts) or in specialized viewer software, which have to be separately installed and which are hardly ever used by a wider audience.

Therefore SHARE+MORE offers a service where the CAE results can be shared as a 3D model, but NO specialized viewer software has to be installed. The SHARE+MORE 3D format can be easily opened, rotated, zoomed and interactively examined by simply using a web browser. This works in ALL modern web browsers and therefore on ALL devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone). So the 3D models are accessible to everyone out of the box.

No, you do not need an IT administrator to run the SHARE+MORE service.

The SHARE+MORE viewer is running in any modern web browser and does not need any software installation at all. Simply open in your browser and you can start viewing the SHARE+MORE 3D models right away.

To convert 3D models into SHARE+MORE format (*.SaMo) a converter software is necessary. This can be downloaded here.
The converter is available as a standalone version or as an ANSYS plugin.
The standalone version only needs to be copied to your local computer and can be executed without any installation process or admin rights.
The SHARE+MORE ANSYS plugin can be installed in ANSYS by the user and does not need administrator rights.

SHARE+MORE was deliberately designed with security in mind.


More detailed description will follow …

For ANSYS Mechanical there is a PlugIn ….

More detailed description will follow …

To realize the idea of making 3D CAE models easily accessible, the first approach was to use 3D-PDF format. Everyone has some kind of PDF viewer at his fingertips.

For this we had developed the product MORE-PDF. Although the concept was well appreciated and had worked well with SMALL 3D models, it had weaknesses with LARGE 3D models. Not only Acrobart Reader but also all other available PDF viewers are not designed for larger 3D graphics performance and do not support graphics cards. Although the 3D-PDF format seemed be a useful approach, but since no viewer with sufficient 3D graphics performance is available and will not be available in the future, the 3D PDF concept and MORE-PDF was abandoned.

The successor product SHARE+MORE now uses more modern and very powerful 3D technology, which runs in web browsers and can handle large 3D models with the support of graphic cards. Thus SHARE+MORE achieve the same goal (easily sharing 3D CAE models) with smarter, modern and powerful technology.


Yes, the first 30 days are free.

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