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This software converts various 3D file format sources into the *.SaMo file format, which is used by the free SHARE+MORE 3D viewer (in the Cloud Database or as Local File).

It can convert *.avz files from ANSYS Workbench, but also *.wrl and *.vrml file from ANSYS APDL (classic) or other CAE sources.
Additionally, *.stl and *.glb files can be processed.

This converter runs on your local computer so all your trusted data stays local and does NOT leave your secure environment. Uploading to the cloud is done only upon explicit request.

It works as standalone software and independently from any other software (like ANSYS).

The package does not need any administation privileges or installation process. Just unzip the zip-package and double click on the exe to start. User authentication is done by logging in.

If you use ANSYS Mechanical (ANSYS Workbench), you can utilize this PlugIn.
It allows to export single or multiple result objects to SHARE+MORE comfortably within the ANSYS environment. Metadata from the current ANSYS model are automatically taken over and saved in the document details.

Furthermore, after very long ANSYS Solves, the desired results can be written to the SHARE+MORE database automatically after the Solve. Thus you can see the results immediately in 3D on your mobile phone, even if you are on the move.

For easy access to the SHARE+MORE Viewer, you can place a Link on your Windows Desktop.

This download contains a ready-made Link Object, and an Icon with the SHARE+MORE logo.

This also makes the key combination CTRL+ALT+S available as a shortcut to start the viewer.