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SHARE+MORE is a service to make the results of CAE simulations generally accessible and shareable as 3D MODELS. Complex simulation results are much easier to understand when the observer can rotate and zoom in on a 3D model instead of just having static 2D images.

The converter creates a *.SaMo file format, which is a modern, highly compressed 3D file format, enrichted with a legend and CAE relevant data. It can be viewed in a FREE webbrowser-based viewer on ANY device (computer, tablet, mobile phone). So there is NO INSTALLATION of a viewer necessary.

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Quick Start

Quick Start – Standalone (without Ansys)

find a Quick Start Introduction (Standalone, without Ansys) here


Quick Start inside Ansys Mechanical

Step 1:   Create Account
The 3D models are usually confidential and are only made accessible to a designated group of users. Therefore, each user must be clearly identifiable via an accout (e-mail + password).
So create fist an accound at
After registration (1a) you will receive a confirmation e-mail which you must confirm to ensure that the e-mail is correct.


Step 2:   Start SHARE+MORE Ansys PlugIn
Download the Ansys-PlugIn for SHARE+MORE here.
Install it in Ansys Workbench and open it in Ansys-Mechanical. LogIn (2a) with your account (e-mail + password) (2b)


Step 3:   Define Resultplots to Export
use the “Store Object Selection” button (3b) to define WHICH Solution-TreeObjects (which resultplots) (3a) should be exported


Step 4:   Export Details and Execution
Use the “Execute Export” button (4a) to define export details; select in the opened window “WHERE to store” (4c) the model and use the option “Upload to CLOUD …” if you decide to use the Cloud Database (otherwise the exported model remains stored locally in the working directory).
For an even higher security level you can decide to encrypt your models (4b).


Step 5:   Open 3D model in Webbrowser-Viewer
Open the viewer in a webbrowser via + logIn with your account (5a, 5b) …

… and find your created 3D model (5c).
The 3D model can be viewed, zoomed and rotated on any end device (computer, tablet, mobile phone).


Step 6:   Share 3D model with others

Click on the SHARE+MORE Logo (6a) and make the model available to other people like other engineers in the development and testing process, management, clients, customers, marketing, trainees, etc.
Add the e-mails of the designated users (6b) you want to share the model with. The designated users must have created an account BEFOREHAND at
You can include the Link of the model (6d) in your Simulation Report or other documents
or send the recipients of the model a reminder email (6c) with the link.


Optional Step 7: Workflow with local *.SaMo files instead of using the Cloud Database

Instead of using the Cloud Database, you also can work with local 3D model files in the *.SaMo file format, which contains the 3D model enrichted with a legend and CAE relevant data.
The converter creates in the Workting Directory of the ANSYS model (7a) for each exported result-plot a bunch of file (7b). The most important files are the *.SaMo files (7c). This file can be stored locally with the project/report or can be sent (e.g. via e-mail) to other people. Everyone can open in a webbrowser and can open local *.SaMo files with (7d).

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This Help Document is under construction!